(COVID-19) Update on Events

This page is dedicated to keeping you all up to date with our events, we will add new information here as soon as we can confirm anything

The Theatre team are working very hard to reschedule all the shows affected by the COVID 19 Pandemic. This has been a devastating time for the Arts and Theatre industries in the UK and we would ask for your individual support to help keep the industry alive.

What can you do to help?

The main way you can support The Alban Arena and the Theatre industry is by choosing to retain investment (ticket credit) within the venue you have purchased tickets for. Quite simply this support will enable the Theatres to reopen and deliver your favourite shows and events. This simple piece of individual support will benefit everyone long term and you will contribute to keeping the UK theatre industry alive for the future.

Our Key customer focus within The Alban Arena at this time:

To offer support to ticket holders who are not ready to return to the theatre with a 2-year credit scheme that reassigns tickets to any show in the Alban Arena.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Rescheduled shows

Most events have been rescheduled from 2020. Due to current restrictions, events are currently being rescheduled for early 2021. If you cannot see your show listed below as cancelled, then please check the individual event page for an update.

If you have tickets for Mother Goose 2020, we will be in touch in the coming weeks to arrange the transfer of your tickets to 2021.

Shows we have been unable to reschedule


Rob Brydon – Wed 27th January
Francis Rossi – Friday 2nd April
Sounds of the 70s – Thurs 24th June
Jackson Live – Wed 1st Sept


Primary Schools Concert – 30th March-1st April     
Electro Swing – Friday 3 April
Miami Pro – Sunday 5 April
Tubular Bells – Saturday 11 April
Swan Lake – Saturday 25 April
SAMTC Saturday Night Fever – Tuesday 28 April – Saturday 2 May
Robert Cray Band – Thursday 7 May
Red Hot Chili Pipers – Saturday 16 May
PP Arnold – Monday 1 June
Land of Hope & Glory – Tuesday 2 June
Cirque Enfant – 14th June
Live at The Alban Arena – Sunday 21 June
Matt Monro Story – Tuesday 29 September
Bruno Mars Songbook – Thursday 1 October
The Ultimate Commitments and Blues Brothers – Saturday 10 October
Abba Mania – Tuesday 13 October
60’s Gold – Saturday 17 October   
Joel Dommett – 27th October       
10CC – Thursday 29 October
The Levellers – Wednesday 18 November
Jason Fox – Thursday 26 November

Here is a list of all shows we are trying to reschedule


Pasadena Roof Orchestra  – 17th May
Fascinating Aida – 30th September   
Dreamboats & Petticoats – 25th October 
Max R&B  – 30th October
Genesis Connected – 19th November