Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

Wednesday 23 September 8pm

Tickets: £22.50 (Conc. £21.50)*

*A transaction fee of £1.25 per ticket is charged for online purchases

Runtime: Approx 2 hours 10 minutes

30 Plucking Years

Eight Ukuleles, Sixteen Hands,Thirty Two Strings, Sixteen Million Minutes, One Billion Seconds, Thirty Years.

In June 2015 the Orchestra will have clocked up Sixteen Million Minutes of ukulele action.
By September 2016 the Orchestra will have been active for One Billion Seconds.
The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, the irresistible entertainment juggernaut is developing even further with new tours, new audio and new video releases.

Celebrate the anniversaries over the next year as ‘the Ukes’ continue touring to great acclaim, from sold out houses and happy, stomping, laughing audiences. They play ukuleles, they sing, they say funny things, they whistle, but they bring a lot more to the table than that.
“Pure entertainment”, “Magisterial”, “The best musical entertainment in the country”, “A much loved National Institution”, are some of the things audience members and reviewers have said in attempting to encapsulate the indefinable magic and atmosphere of all round good humour, light heartedness, well being and joy which permeate the live concerts.